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Environmental Health Affinity Group

The Environmental Health Affinity Group (EHAG) will work on a variety of projects and events that explore how the body's health is tied to the health of the environment, and that are intended to improve the ecological consciousness on the BIS campus of it's staff and student body. The EHAG, which incorporates the student Green Team from prior years, will meet during 6th/7th grade Trojan Time (Tuesdays 11:16-11:50) to discuss a variety of environmental issues and how they relate to personal health, and to work on local sustainability projects that support the health of both student/staff and the environment. Some of the projects/activities that might interest the EHAG is implementing the campus composting program, improving the current recycling program, learning to be a better bike commuter, gardening for the health of it, and learning to cook healthy, environmentally low-impact meals. 

Tuesdays 11:16-11:50 - Once Affinity Groups Start Meeting (Room TBD)

Contact Rusty Hopewell for more information. 


Green Team Project List

Doing the ROt Thing Project

One project the EHAG will be presented to work on is the BIS composting program. The BIS Student Green Team was instrumental in the past in implementing a recycling program, and theEHAG will now have the opportunity to expand upon those efforts by creating a composting program. The Doing the Rot Thing is a SMC Office of Sustainability funded project that will work to divert BIS's biowaste to either offsite compost processing, or onsite vermicompoting (worm bins). There is more information available on the Doing the Rot Thing web page

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